Custom Build Program

FJM CB Program delivers an online portal for global riders to order
the bike they really want and have it delivered to them within two weeks.

  • Wide Range Parts Customization
  • Global Availability & Delivery
  • High Quality Finish
  • Short Delivery Times

the future of Customization

Made For the Rider

Our Custom Build Program is focused on delivering what the consumer wants right now rather than just what you have in stock.

Desired Configuration
Desired Colors & Graphics
When they want it – NOW


The ability to have a bike that is completely configured to your riding style and preferences increases the desire to purchase as the customer is virtually guaranteed that there will be no other rider with the exact same configuration, their bike is unique.

Immediate Customer Satisfaction

Trying to order this type of configuration through a dealer would be almost impossible for most brands and would certainly take months to deliver and may only be possible at all in the brands home market.

No Additional Overhead

CBP removes the usual limits of purchasing custom bikes from a dealer. They would never be able to buy this locally causing lost revenue for the brand.

Custom Bike Delivery Time

14 Days Globally

The FJM Custom Build Program is unique and we are the only bike assembler to be able to offer such a system to brands.

Ready made solutions

FJM Custom Build Program

FJM has the combination of a tried and tested platform as well as the infrastructure and experience to deliver the solution to brands rapidly.

Increased Revenue Opportunity – Global Reach
Eliminate Lost Revenue From Forecasting
No Infrastructure Investment for Brand

Watch Your Bike Being Built!

FJM Can provide a service where the brand or the customer can view their own bike being assembled and packaged through each of the key production stages.

Our system sends automatic emails, images and updates to consumers to drive their product engagement and keep them up to date on production status and schedules.

Fritz Jou Bike Assembly Solutions Professional Team management control your brand growth

Smart Factory & Smart Assembly

To find out more about how we assemble our bike the right way the first time and how our smart systems deliver competitive advantages to brands,
check out our “Smart Assembly” page.