E-bike Team Strategy

"Supporting you from step one to launch
& integrating long-term goals into your strategy."


Tailored Work-spaces

Working with us means working in ideal conditions in which your team members can enhance their creative and innovative power.

With each project we offer a great working environment and a talented team to innovate and to come up with creative solutions.

Bike Assembly Solutions

With our e-bike expertise and experience, we will support you through the process of choosing your components and enhancing your e-bike offerings.

At FJM we deliver the added value of bringing your final concept to life in a very short time. 

Our dedicated work-spaces allow you and your team to brainstorm and work effectively and separately from any other brands to protect your new e-bike designs.

Additional  in-house meeting rooms and individual photography areas are available for professional product photography and prototype validation.

Keeping the development process efficient and focused ensures the time you spend at FJM is not wasted.

 We will rapidly find solutions which significantly simplify new product manufacturing processes and development time.

Focused Environment

Team Strategy Support

Rapid Time-To-Market

Up-To-Date Information

We offer complete traceability for all e-bikes and components. You will no longer have to go through a long chain of dealers and distributors to resolve parts issues. We hold all of the information here at FJM so it is immediately available for problem resolution.

The smart management and communications systems at FJM allow efficient communication and product traceability from manufacturer through to end user.

E-Bike Development

FJM is at the forefront of E-bike development. Our customized and integrated services provide customers with a full range of OEM/ODM solutions, which significantly simplifies the manufacturing process and development time.

Our e-bike customer team consists of  seasoned staff expert in sales, purchasing and engineering with extensive experience across a range of products and brands.

Through close dialogue and deep process understanding we will find the right solution to suit your needs, whether it’s an e-kit solution, individual e-bike components or a complete range of models.

We ensure that you receive the most competent service in all aspects from A-Z throughout the development cycle, prototyping and production to ensure your rapid time to market