From Concept to Market

"Our brand development space will take your products
from concept to customer with rapid time to market."


The Environment

We are focused on delivering a great working environment to brands.

Our expert teams will help you achieve a rapid time to market for all of your product lines.

Bike Assembly Solutions

With our expertise and experience, we will support you through the process to drive your products from the initial concepts to finished products in a short time. 

Our dedicated customer development suites allow you and your team to work effectively and separately from any other brands to protect your new product designs.

We provide workshops, meeting rooms and individual photography areas so you can perform your product photography in-house right in the factory too.

 The time that you spend at FJM will allow you to rapidly produce and confirm samples to get your products to market fast.

Great Development Environment

Great Team Support

Rapid Time-To-Market

Up-To-Date Information

We understand the importance of up to date information to your business.

The smart management and communications systems at FJM allow efficient communication and product traceability from manufacturer through to end user.

This removes the time normally wasted in emails between factories and brands and delivering you up to date information whenever you need it.

Product Development

Sales managers are long term staff with extensive experience across a range of products and brands.

They will guide you through the development cycle, prototyping and production to ensure your rapid time to market and competitive advantage are maintained.

Our team will deliver excellent communications and interaction to ensure rapid samples and pricing to meet your tight product schedules.


We understand that changes occur, so we offer production flexibility and rapid changes for individual bikes or large ranges of the same models, we can do it all. We can also extend our capacity to meet short term requirements for large orders.​

After Sales

We offer complete traceability for whole bikes and components. You will no longer have to go through a long chain of dealers and distributors to resolver parts issues. We hold all of the information here at FJM so it is immediately available for problem resolution.

Rapid Development

Production Flexibility

Parts Traceability


E-bike Management

Our e-bike customer team consists of  seasoned staff expert in sales, purchasing and engineering with extensive experience across a range of products and brands.