E-bike Production & Quality

Our Quality processes guarantee that your e-bikes
deliver an amazing riding experience.


Industry Standard Quality Assurance

To achieve the highest degree of precision and quality, we have developed our own proprietary testing equipment and comprehensive verification procedures and systems.



Each E-bike keeps its production history through out the entire assembly process. FJM E-management guarantees the best quality from procurement, assembly to testing.

From product design to manufacturing, we verify every detail with 100 percent accuracy. We can ensure that the quality of our manufacturing and assembly surpasses the highest standards in the industry.

Commitment to Excellence

We understand the purpose of quality assurance is to deliver front- and back-end processes in the most efficient and fluid manner.

We commit to delivering the intended product on-time and within-budget, going above and beyond in all transactions & interactions with our partners.

At FJM we incorporate quality assurance principles into every corner of our organizational structure and operations.

Recruitment &
Employee Training

We stress the importance of customer care, product quality and customer-first values during hiring and onboarding of new employees.

These values are cemented as well during regular training sessions and meetings with current staff.


Our strict quality management systems in place represent our commitment to quality assurance.

We truly understand an overall efficient production system is the backbone of a physical product’s quality control.

Customer Service

All customer-facing departments and resources have a deep understanding of what quality assurance really means.

Working with us you can expect an upbeat, honest and friendly service-oriented organization.


Riding Tests

Our in-house custom-developed testing equipment & experienced engineers simulate all types of riding conditions.

Specific performance tests are chosen based on the environment, location, road, and terrain to ensure the product meets the required performance criteria.

Fully assembled e-bikes are test ridden assuring your product is safe, stable and performs exactly as promised to the end user.


Smart Manufacturing

  • Traceability & Live Production
  • Optimized Production Material Flows
  • Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems
  • Painting & Decaling