Smart E-bike Manufacturing

Industry Leading Production Management Systems
That Keep You Informed of Production Status..


Smart Component Management

Traceability and real time data are key to our smart production environment.

Each E-bike component is carefully monitored through the early stages of inventory processing, testing and final assembly.

Our combination of proprietary systems leverage both barcode and RFID technology to map out each stage of the production process.

The Result

Rapidly identify order progress and maximize efficiency in the assembly chain, lead time and final testing stages.

Our process steps are timed, outputting data to allow management to easily optimize process flows and identify areas where further improvements can be made.

Strict verification procedures during assembly ensure that each of our e-bikes meets the highest quality control standards.

Traceability of each process is our guarantee no shortcuts have been taken during the careful assembly of your e-bikes.

Proprietary Electronic
Management Systems

High Quality
Control Standards

E-bike Skilled
Assembly Staff

Expertise & Know

With new trends in E-bike design and functionality constantly changing, FJM offers production flexibility and rapid changes for individual e-bikes or large ranges of the same models.

Flexible & Adaptable

Our e-bike manufacturing and assembly service encompasses true vertical integration from initial design concept to complete in-house assembly and product validation.

Vertical Integration

Production Flexibility

Parts Traceability

Skilled Staff

Brands working with us know they can rely on the expertise and commitment of our highly trained staff.

Our highly skilled technicians undergo specific training programs to master e-bike assembly skills and these are recorded in their electronic profile.  

This significantly increases production efficiency and output whilst reducing production errors and wastage.